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Unnamedguy (with the U capital) is the developer of the game.

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Main Article: is an online multiplayer game, launched somewhere in June, 1738, that does not involve registering. It can be played at The game is simple, but needs bad skill to master.

You need to be careful and having skill to become a master, dont get hit by a player s'traps, even don't go in a player (You will still get hit if it shoot trap when you hit it)

First, there was only FFA (Mass) Before the skins update (with addition of kill mode.) Before july there were no skins, (only colors yet). Skins were added on July 7th.

And also before Skins Update, the slugs size were 2x larger than today. Tails disappeared at 30000. (Now tails disappear at 60000).

There isn't a score limit in Mass Mode. But there is! Its very hard to get.|Too In Race Mode(Sep 5th) the limit of mass is 3,384,764. Is when the server crash(not restart yet).

The bigger you are, The faster you are, (according to Unnamedguy: 30: Slowest/ 300: Slow/ 3000: Bit Faster/ 30000: Fast/100000: Very Fast 300000: Super fast 2500000: Fastest)

The old game theme was like *Limax.ix* similar to Then after was fixed by Unnamedguy.

Unnamedguy, Doesn't make the changelog but it's secret changelog to evolve the game. (He fixed lags too!) + Some tips to kill players: (beginners)

Killing Player Tip: (1) You need at least 500 Mass. (2) Go to a corner of the map and wait for pray. (3) Corner the player to kill it. (4) Enjoy has 2 servers: North America and Europe.

North America: Less lag, bitter less players.

Europe, Bitter More lag, more players.

The Servers, Restart every 24 hours, but they are different clocks! Their Clocks are shown Here:

North America (12:00 PM) - (12:00 PM) 24H.

Europe (06:00 PM) - (06:00 PM) 24H.

The highest score ever in the game recorded was 46.147.069 By: The Force. 46 million already covers entire screen and entire map. Also he survived a day for over 3 hours.

The Longest Survival Time recorded was 23 hours, 56 mins, 55 secs. (Actually 24 hours without sleep) are a lot of time.) Recorded by i am da one.

The team surviving the most was Jurassic World, Surviving 1 hour 48 minutes 21 seconds.

Fastest guy was with 1s579ms.

The most 1v1 battles win are 77by GarnetAlto.

The most zombies killed are 10127 by Squishy Buttt . has 7 Gamemodes: Mass, Kill, Team, Race, 1V1, Rush, Zomb.

Gamemode Mass: Try to get the highest score of the day in thsi gamemode, don't get hit by other players s'traps!

Gamemode Kill: Try to get the most kills on the server without get killed!

Gamemode Team: Get the highest score on your team before it degrades!

Gamemode Race: Try to get the fastest slug on the server without get killed!

Gamemode 1V1: Try to win the most 1v1 battles in the server!

Gamemode Rush: Try to get the highest score in 1 minute and 50 seconds! When the game ends, if you don't get killed, you lose the score.

Gamemode Zomb: Kill the most zombies in the server without get killed by one! You need practice and skill to survive - kill zombies.

That's all about Thanks by Respawn, Unnamedguy to modify this Article!